Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Meet the camp crusaders...

She's the most beautiful superhero you'll ever see - but don't let those sultry looks deceive you - she's packs a mean punch in a fight and has many deep, dark secrets. Meet DIVA - a member of the first ever gay superhero team.

Or if Diva doesn't quite do it for you - you can always try Glitter, Mr Muscles, Butch, Prowler, Indigo or Liberty (the leader and first ever transvestite superhero thank you)

World's first all gay superhero team!
Pff to Superman and Spidey - move over darlings and make way for the mighty Spandex - the world's first all gay superhero team.

And what's even more exciting is that their crime headquarters is right here in Brighton...Exciting but maybe not surprising...

Spandex is the brand new comic book series by artist Martin Eden, who wanted to do something never done before. It follows the exploits of glamorous transvestite Liberty and her team as they battle the evil doings of the like of the Pink Ninjas. (yes the baddies are all gay too).

The first issue introduces the characters and their Brighton headquarters and is available at selected comic stores and at

Apparently Indigo has her very own Indigo Room full of deadly weapons and er costume changes.

Looks great fun and I think I may try and get my hands on one at lunch...!

Happy superheroeing - oh, I mean gay superheroing.


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