Wednesday, 5 March 2008

What's the weather in Brighton?

Coming to Brighton? Worried about the weather? (Why would you be though, since its always sunny here!!) Well, we've just come across this little widgety thing where you can compare the weather where you are with the weather where you are going!

I was a bit surprised though to see that the weather in Hove was a healthy 7 degress C, whilst in Brighton it was a considerably more chillsome 1 degree C! It's all a bit of fun and you can download it from the peeps at STA Travel. Or if all that's a bit of a palarvar, just keep your eyes on our VisitBrighton Brighton weather feed instead! Right, I'm off the BBC website now, to see if they think you're gonna plummet 6 degrees in the walk from Hove to Brighton...

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