Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Another concert review!

Yes I'm back again and I've been to another concert! It seems to go like that; I won’t go out in ages and then suddenly lots of concerts all at once. While I don’t think it's necessary to review every single one, I thought I would do another one in order to show the diversity of music on offer in Brighton (and perhaps my slightly eclectic music tastes!)

Last night my mum and I went to see Chris Rea at the Brighton Centre. Actually before I move on to the concert I'd just like to add that we had a very tasty meal and some real ale at the Bath Arms on Meeting House Lane, made even better by the ever so friendly staff so thanks to them (in particular Daniel, at least I think that was his name!) Anyway once at the concert I was particularly pleased as there was no support act. Chris Rea started off by doing a fifties Shadows-esque instrumental section before bringing his raspy voice into play on the blues tracks he has become known for in recent years. The only slight problem was that much as we both like the music it does seem to have a slightly soporific effect and the audience were the quietest I'd seen for a long time!

Actually that is one of the reasons why I like going to concerts, sometimes you want to be in the middle of the crowd dancing around. However it is also good to sit in the balcony as this is a great vantage point for a spot of people watching. When he started to do some of his classics including Julia, Josephine and Stainsby Girls people started to move. Actually hats off to the woman who for a while was the only one in the whole centre dancing but by the time he sang Road to Hell, On the Beach and Let's Dance there were quite a few of them there including one chap who particularly made me chuckle as he was stood at the back with his coat in his arms ready for a quick exit, and at first only hesitantly shuffling and swaying and then he suddenly let loose and even put the coat down! Unfortunately my writing skills are not up to the task of describing his moves, all I can say is that the young chaps going in circles with linked arms had nothing on this guy. Very entertaining! I was also amused by the fact that once people decided to get up and dance they all went down the middle aisle as this was where the first person was dancing, in spite of the fact they could have gone to the front if they had gone down one of the side aisles. Is this simply sheep mentality or a love of queuing?

Anyway the combination of the amazing guitar playing, Chris Rea's deep, gruff, rasping voice and the people watching made it a good way to spend a Monday night :)


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