Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Seven Wonders of Brighton

Since Nick left the team I have been asked to attend a lot of meetings, which I'll be honest can sometimes be slightly tedious, and with some of the invitations I get I'm not entirely sure how much benefit it would be either to myself or the organisers if I went. One such event was a seminar examining Brighton's cultural offering and so I asked Adam what he thought and he encouraged me to go as he thought it should be of interest.

And I am glad I did, as attending the event were a lot of the big cheeses from tourism businesses in the city, and the guest speakers were all from the cultural tourism industry. While we all love our city and know what is on offer it was interesting to hear the outsider's perspective. I won't go through it all with you as you probably wouldn't find it so interesting, however there was one bit I thought I would share with you and ask your thoughts on...

One of the speakers was Simon Calder, travel editor of The Independent and a rare breed among journalists as he always insists on paying his own way in order to get a realistic experience. Anyway he put forward the idea of the Seven Wonders of Brighton and this was his list, starting in seventh place:

and in first place... drum roll please... (goodness what could it be we've already had the Royal Pavilion?)

As he said it is a beautiful building and apart from the permanent features they also host some great exhibitions including the current one On the Pull which includes a unique installation called 'May happiness knock you over'

So do you agree with Simon or do you have your own ideas on what the Seven Wonders of Brighton actually are?


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