Tuesday, 25 March 2008

50 things to do in Brighton

Well, I was sat in the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery cafe with a friend yesterday, putting the world to rights and drinking enough camomille tea to make me relaxed enough to think walking along the seafront in sub zeros temperatures was a good idea. And as we walked past the Theatre Royal and the pier and the Brighton fishing museum and all the fab Lanes shops, we thought how lucky we are to have so many things to do in the city.

So if you want some inspiration, we've put together a 50 things to do in Brighton PDF. We reckon we could probably have got to 100, but thought that might have been overdoing things a bit!

Let us know if you have any gems you think we should add...


1 comment:

Matthew said...

Ocean Rooms FREE after party in Brighton from 4am on sunday the 3rd you can enjoy ridiculous amounts of partying till 10am the next day.

Free entry! Bring your friends. So girls and boys, come prepared for a messy one...