Friday, 22 February 2008

The time is now...

Well as I am typing this it is exactly 2.32pm

Earlier Sarah was anxious to know what the exact time was and so ended up consulting the speaking clock, which reminded me of a bizarre Brighton related fact

Did you know that the current voice of the Speaking Clock is Sara Mendes de Costa from Hove who won a competition to become the new voice of the speaking clock as the judges felt that her voice fitted the criteria of: clarity, character and easily understandable

However the bizarre bit is that her predessor, Brian Cobby was from Brighton! So far he is the only man to voice the speaking clock, and Brian also recorded the Thunderbirds countdown.

Well there you have it, not quite sure what that says about us, except perhaps that we are good at telling the time and counting things?!

If you would like to know any more Quirky Facts about Brighton & Hove we have a lovely fact sheet on that very topic although let me know if I've missed any off...


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