Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A quiet Tuesday night

Well I haven't written anything on here for a while and now you are getting two posts in as many days, aren't you lucky?!

Last night my friend and I had planned to meet for a drink at the Bath Arms which is in the Lanes, however she found out that the Brunswick has an open mic night on a Tuesday so she wanted to go there instead. So I said as she was driving over from Eastborne could she pick me up from my flat in Hove and then I could direct her to the pub, unfortunately she doesn't really know the area and I am hopeless at directing people as I never drive anywhere. So in the end I said not to worry she could pick me up from Brighton Pier instead.

Anyway I am glad that we did decide to do this as I ended up walking, and I cut down in order to walk along the seafront from the Peace Staute (any excuse to include this image, I love it - well done Sarah!) which was great as there were not many people so I could march along and to my right I had the sea, which was very still and calm, it was a clear night so the stars were out and then to my left was the stunning architecture from the Regency Adelaide Cresecent, the art deco Embassy Court and the Victorian seafront hotels - The Metropole and the Grand

Then when I got to the Pier, I hopped into my friends car and we went to the Brunswick for the open mic night, which was free. All the acts had great voices and all seemed to be singing their own original material. Although I have to say my favourite was a chap who's name I've forgotten (sorry, it might have been Phil John?) who sang on his own with a guitar but I was particualry impressed as he did a trumpet bit without a trumpet a la Hugh Laurie in his A Bit of Fry and Laurie days, I was just waiting for Stephen Fry to come out and start mixing up a cocktail :)

All in all it was a great way to spend what would have otherwise been a quiet Tuesday night, and reminded me what a talented bunch of people live here!


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Anonymous said...

the guys name was Phil Jordan :)