Thursday, 21 February 2008

The names Bond, James Bond...

After my post yesterday about Genevieve someone else in the office started blinding us with all the Brighton Bond links and, blimey, there are enough to shake a dagger shoe at!

Here are our favs:

  • Timothy Dalton got all macho on Beachy Head in The Living Daylights

  • The mine in a View to a Kill was at nearby Amberley

  • Brighton resident Anna Quayle played Frau Hoffner in the original Casino Royale

  • Steven Berkoff, also a Brighton resident, played Russian General Orlov in Octupussy

  • Desmond Llewelyn (who played Q) used to live in Brighton

  • The music to Live and Let Die was composed by the one and only Mackers, who has a house in Hove

  • Ian Fleming recouperated from a heart attack in Brighton in 1951 and again from pleurisy in Brighton 1964

And winner for the most tenuous link ever - Simon Vance, who reads the Casino Royale audio books, was born in Brighton. Really, its true!

Quite franky, all these Bond references are making me want to rush home and play with my motion combat training simulator and exploding alarm clock. Oh, poo I can't - I blew it up at 7.01am this morning...

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VisitBrighton: said...

Interesting facts, however did you come up with those?
I, sorry you, did miss one out though which I think is most important to all our friends in the North Laine - we do have a Bond Street! Surely that has to be nearly as tenuous? Here's an idea, lets get all the actors together for a James Bond convention in Bond Street. That is a plan so cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel......

Liz x