Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Sunsets in Brighton

It's not as if I need a reason to bang on about Brighton being a great place to live, cause I don't! But one thing I have noticed recently is the phenomenal sunsets we're getting over the sea at the moment. The other day I made a woman next to me on the bus nearly jump out of her skin when I said 'wow, look at that sunset!' After deciding I wasn't an escapee from Lewes prison, she did agree with though!

In fact, I loved it so much I chased a poor couple all along hove seafront to get this shot...

And sunsets are completely free too! Bargain...



Anonymous said...

....I quite agree it is the most magical time at the moment as the evenings draw in we get the red skies at night ...... Shepherds pie delight! xxxx
PS I'm sure I saw you walking from Lewes the other day!!

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you see the writer of this post walking from Lewes the other day, when there is no indication of the name or even gender of the person who wrote this little segment.

There are quite a few people between Lewes and Brighton, so for you to see ONE person, out of all those other people, without even knowing who they were. Well. I guess you'd be up for a job at MI5, because you would easily be able to spot terrorism before it happens.

Or, of course, you could be using this blog as your own little chatroom instead of SMS's and Intant messaging programs.