Tuesday, 23 October 2007

the best walk into work

I reckon I've got one of the best walks into to work - can anyone out there do better?

Starts right at the top of Brighton in Hanover - alternatively know as 'muesli mountain'.

Anyway out the front door, look left and I get views of the sea - perfect start to the day. Being on a hill and close to the sea it can get quite windy. Also good for waking me up! Then its down, down, down through friendly colourful streets, meeting the odd cat or seagull if I'm lucky.

At the bottom of the hill I cross the road and I'm in Pavilion gardens - passing the art gallery and Brighton Dome on my right and of course the Pavilion itself. Through the Indian gate and over the road and I'm in the Lanes - the historic part of Brighton, once a small fishing village called Brightonhelmstone. Full of restaurants and coffee houses, the aromas provide the final layer of sensation to ensure I'm fully awake to start the day at Brighton Town Hall, in the heart of the lanes and next to one of Brighton biggest hotels, The Thistle.

So there you have it, the best walk into work. Discuss....

Nick V

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