Monday, 22 October 2007

Blogs away...

Well, we've just won ANOTHER sustainability, greeny type accolade here in Brighton. So we decided we wanted to shout about it from the nearest rooftop. Well, not literally, of course. Whilst we could have climbed onto the roof of Brighton Town Hall (where we work), we thought

a - we might not be heard as its a bit windy
b - we might fall off and our blog would die before it even got started
c - we might get arrested (which might have been quite exciting, but isn't very good when you work for the council)

So, what's the best thing we thought?

Hmmm..., lots of loud scratching of beards...few tumbleweeds...

"What a about a blog?" someone shouted.

Yea - great idea! And much safer too.

So here it is - our very first blog post. We're always waxing lyrical about things at VisitBrighton and thought it was about time we starting sharing our knowledge - some of it rather useful (some of it less so!) and definitely all of it unavailable elsewhere! We might feel like sharing a film or gig review, want to let you in on a top Brighton tip, tell you about special offers or something new and exciting in Brighton or throw some podcasts and funky film clips your way. Or we might just feel like telling you about our day!

And oh yes, almost forgot! The sustainability award - apparently we're the most sustainable city with the best quality of life in Britain... Cor! I feel better already... Find out all about it here -

So, if you want to know about Brighton, check back regularly - we might even let you in on a certain person's latest outing to Primark for the last pair of £4 silver ballet slip ons. Last time they returned sporting bruises and dishevelled hair. It was all a bit embarassing...

And just one more thing - if I don't mention our fantastic Winter Break offers (from £58 per room per night) our Marketing Manager will brand me with burning hot coals...!

Catch you soon

Sarah (VisitBrighton Web Editor).

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