Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Blogging in the dark?

Well as I have been encouraging colleagues to write posts for our lovely new blog I thought it best to lead by example the only problem is what to write? Wrting about nothing has worked for some creative geniuses, like Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark or Jerry Seinfeld's sitcom about nothing but somehow I don't think that will work for me.

I do think this blog is a great idea though and a good example of what it is like to work here as we are always doing new things so there is no time to get bored. I also enjoy working with the people here, Nick who did the post about his walk to work is my manager and he is genuinely that enthusiastic about everything, really it's true. Which is great, I mean in all honesty I think I have a better walk to work as I start in Hove which is superior to Hanover, but I take the sun reflecting off of the Regency buildings and the sea view for granted. I think if I were to discuss my walk to work the things that would come to mind are trying not to sing along out loud to my MP3 player, which is currently playing Editors and if you haven't bought their most recent album I urge you to do so immediately... well you can finish reading this first.

The other thing I would recall is this infuriating little man who walks the same route, he is far too chirpy early in the morning, he even tried to talk to me once but he quickly realised that my brain cells do not kick in until 9 at the earliest, so then had the audacity to excuse himself by saying he had to walk on ahead as if I was the one wanting to dilly dally around chatting! However the most annoying thing about him is that he wears a rucksack on his back, which is half full at best and then carries a carrier bag of stuff seperately, why doesn't he put the carrier bag in the rucksack??!!??

Well I am going to de-vent my spleen, take some deep breaths and let someone else have a go. Although next time I promise to think of something to write before I start typing to avoid this sort of nonsense spewing out...

Charlotte - Marketing Officer

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