Wednesday, 21 September 2011

indian summer

My morning walk to work was pretty miserable. It rained. My shoes got wet. So wet I had to remove them when I arrived at the office. I’m going to be miserable, you might think. But no; for I knew I had a foot-warming exotic lunch to look forward to.

So, reapplying my feet to soggy shoes, I made my way to indian summer, looking forward to the promise of authentic Indian spices and curries just like mamaji (mother) used to make.

I’ll be honest, I love Indian food, and we all have our favourite local restaurant, with private booths, dim lighting and sounds of the sitar, so I did feel rather treasonous about dining at another. I was also dubious of eating a heavy curry for lunch (it’s surely a weekend treat, not a midweek staple).

I was however, pleasantly surprised. Warmly welcomed by owners Minesh and Byron, who started the restaurant in 2001, I soon learnt we were celebrating the restaurant’s 10th anniversary with a new menu in completely refurbished (trendy) surroundings.

The lunch menu (£10 for two courses – cheap for Brighton) was delicious. My starter of tomato & onion pakora was crispy and fresh, served with a cooling yogurt dip, and my main of Mamaji’s Chicken was delicious and light, with an undetectable mix of exotic flavours (it’s made to a secret recipe) and left me feeling comfortably full and warm – so much so, I completely forgot all about my squelchy shoes.

Looking at the restaurant’s menus, the food achieves exactly what it sets out to: simple, healthy, delicious dishes, inherited from generations of family cooking. Each dish is also listed with dietary requirements, so it is easy to see gluten, dairy and nut free as well as vegan dishes.

indian summer is a local gem, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, and has a whole host of events and offers throughout the year, so keep an eye their website. I’ll definitely be coming back, perhaps to try their Indian tapas.

Departing the restaurant I was greeted by a clear sky and a beaming sun, just like a true Indian Summer. See also our campaign for an Indian Summer, which celebrates, amongst many others, the anniversary of the India Gate.

Oh, and my feet are all dry :)

Happy eating,


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