Thursday, 8 September 2011

Describe Brighton in 10 words

Sometimes one of our lovely Twitter follwers will get in touch to ask for some help, usually about things to do or where to eat etc. However today I was asked to describe Brighton in 10 words so I suggested:

cosmopolitan, vibrant, bohemian, quirky, fun, frivilous, liberated, creative, exotic & cultural

However I was intrigued to see what other people would come up with and so far we have had:
  • Seductive. In the more poetic sense, probably (@WorldofStephen)
  • Vibrant, Hilly, Fresh, Expensive, Cool, Diverse, Colourful, Arty, Buzzing and Welcoming (from @MaireMcSorley)
  • Cosmopolitan, city, steep hills, open minded, punky, night life, gay! (@sidney_vish)
  • Eclectic, inspiring, friendly, non-judgemental, cosmopolitan, vivacious, animated, unequalled, playful and irreverent (@tinathewife)
  • eclectic vibrant loud proud tasty and sunny! (@jezebeljinx)
  • Brighton and Hove allows you to be just you and all this by the splendid sea of the English Channel. (Of course we know @seas_it has gone over 10 words but it's so lovely we had to include it!)
  • Weird,Cool,Swaggerific,Hip Rock,Indie,Wild,Calm,Crazy,Lovely,Sickage!! (@F_is_4_Finisher)
I love the fact that we have all come up with different suggestions and there were only a couple of words which were repeated - cosmopolitan, vibrant, cool and eclectic.

Thanks to everyone who joined in, it certainly proved to be an interesting distraction for a Thursday afternoon and it's great to see that you all have your own reasons for loving Brighton!

If you don't alredy then follow us @Love_Brighton and tell us why you love Brighton, and Hove of course!



FengShuiExpert said...

Busy, brassy, breezy, beguiling but above all, very, very gay!

FengShuiExpert said...

You cheated! Your opening offering is 11 words including the '&'.
I demand a recount!