Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Brighton Art Fair

September seems to be challenging May to be become the month with the most events in it. The Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival and Brighton Digital Festival are still going strong and we've also had the Ace Cafe Reunion, National Speed Trials and Shakedown. But it's not over yet as this weekend it's the Brighton Art Fair (22-25 September).

The Art Fair is the biggest along the South Coast and it is always quite awe-inspiring seeing the Corn Exchange chock full of artistic talent. I appreciate that the art world can sometimes seem to be a little bit pretentious and high brow, however one of the main things I enjoy about the Art Fair is that it is so accessible. There is a wide range of art on display and while some of the pieces do have large price tags there is a lot of affordable work as well. Another bonus is the fact that the artists are there with their work to answer any questions.

There will be over 120 artists exhibiting and so to whet your appetite here are a couple you can look forward to: April Young

Ed Boxall

Sue Long

For more details go to: www.brightonartfair.co.uk, see you there!


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