Thursday, 22 January 2009

VisitBrighton leaves its mark on a bar in Hanoi!

Hi's been sometime since I wrote on this blog...I've been rather busy settling into my new life in Vietnam!

Despite loving the exoticism of South East Asia, I often think back to my days in Brighton & Hove with great fondness!

I'm currently in visiting Hanoi (Vietnam's capital), where I stumbled across a rather 'Brightonesque' bar (name withheld, or VisitBrighton would be asking them for advertising fees!). The interior walls of the bar are covered in graffiti, left there by the hundreds of visitors who have been there over the past few years. The place reminded me of some of the quirkier bars that there are in the funky North Laine area of Brighton. I wanted to leave my own mark on this little gem of a bar in Hanoi, so I drew my trademark drawing (far too saucy to post a pic of it here!!)...but I then also added a second peice of 'graffiti' on the wall, leading people to the offical website of another of the world's best gems....the city of Brighton & Hove! (photo evidence above).
I will be back in Brighton this summer, so I'm hoping that Adam (the big boss) will treat me to lunch in recognition of my spreading the word about Brighton here in Vietnam.
In the meantime, I'm off to drink some more snake wine!
Love to all you VisitBrightoners from sunny and hot Vietnam!

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