Thursday, 8 January 2009

myhotel Brighton

For my first post of the New Year I thought I would try and make you all green with envy and tell you about my lovely stay at myhotel Brighton.

As a special treat in between Christmas and New Year, and encouraged by a good deal, we decided to spend a night at myhotel, situated in the North Laine area opposite the Jubilee Library. The hotel was designed by Karim Rashid and has a spiritual ethos, each level is named after one of the body's chakras and every room has a crystal set into the wall

I'll be honest I'm not entirely convinced by the whole subject of crystal healing but it did look very pretty especially as the lights behind it change colour, ooh! I was also rather impressed by the toilet as it had a sort of space pod look about it, but then when Hilary saw this photo she pointed out that there is also an Anish Kapoor feel to it as well. Although perhaps we're getting a bit carried away as it is only a toilet! What do you think?

You see we really do give you the insider's guide to the city, what other reviewer would tell you about the toilet?! Oh and I nearly forgot the robes which were very cosy & snuggly, perfect in this weather. However we did not stay in the room the entire time and while we were staying at the hotel I did insist that we go downstairs to the Merkaba for a cocktail, I mean frankly it would have been rude not to! So we forced ourselves to have a Long Island Iced Tea and to try one of their own creations called a Beachside Presse which was delicious a raspberry and lemon concoction.

All in all we had a great time and would certainly recommend it to anyone else as its definitely something a bit out of the ordinary and makes for a memorable stay plus on the practical side it's in a great location close to the train station, shops and the Cultural Quarter. Has anyone else been, what did you think?


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