Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Geekend in Brighton

This post is dedicated to all the geeks out there who are wondering what to do as they wait for the new Star Trek prequel film to be released and I'll be honest I am pretty excited about it myself. Although I'm not convinced that anyone will be able to fill the mighty William Shatner's boots but time will tell (I am very tempted to include a link to his version of Pulp's Common People but this post is supposed to be about Brighton not William Shatner so I'll resist the temptation although I urge you to google it - after reading this obviously!)

Well as you may have guessed Brighton & Hove has come to the rescue of all geeks as in February it will be the annual Brighton Science Festival with a whole week of amazingly geeky events, hooray! From 21st to 28th Februray there will be all sorts of things happening including the Big Space Show dedicated to all things spacey and the classic 80's film The Right Stuff depicting the Cold War space race will be screened at the gorgeous Duke of York's cinema. For those looking for an alternative half term activity there is a family fun day for Bright Sparks where, among other things, you can find out whether it is possible to build a tower out of speghetti or drop an egg ten feet without breaking it

So there is no need to be shy, release your inner geek and have a geek-end in Brighton - thanks to Richard from the Science Festival for today's brilliant pun!

Oh and before I leave you all this talk of science has actually reminded me of a little factoid - according to the 2001 census the highest proportion of UK Jedis live in Brighton & Hove. May the force be with you :)



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