Monday, 19 August 2013

The Winner of July’s Flickr Competition

Hola amigos,

It’s the summertime and here’s a groove slightly transformed, just a bit of a break from the norm - it is, of course, the monthly Flickr competition! (Ooh you love these, don’t hide it).

The time has finally arrived for me to put my fake tan away as July was certainly scorchio! Our love was like a heatwave (heatwave baby), with the highest temperature in Brighton being 31 (not three) Degrees Celsius, and the high temperatures are set to return for a sunny August Bank Holiday weekender!

And with all this summer madness we had the LoveBrighton POP Summer campaign – check out all of the fabulous ideas for the Brighton summer of POP – with the theme for July’s competition being ‘Love POP, LoveBrighton’. We had a great many kitsch, retro, fun and funky photos to choose from, but the winner hands-down (or feet-up?) was David J Stanley with his shot of the brand new ride on Brighton Pier; the Air Race:

David’s photo captures perfectly the frivolous nature of days by the seaside, with blue sky and primary colours, where you can almost hear the arcade games, musical carousel and cries of ‘weee!’. David won vouchers to spend at the totes delish Coal Shed Restaurant in Brighton’s Lanes.

But I’m sure the best is yet to come with August’s theme ‘Love Celebrating, LoveBrighton’. Pride provided the perfect colourful start to the month of celebrations, parties, shindigs and impromptu BBQs on the beach. So grab your camera and celebrate the city in all its summertime glory!

As for me, well, I’m spending my days chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ and shootin’ some ball outside of school.

Happy holidays folks and don’t forget the sun cream!

Siobhan at LoveBrighton HQ :)

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LoveBrighton: said...

And here's David's take on his winning photo!

"Love brighton love Air Race, big boys lego with G force adrenalin thrills. Fast furious and loud. A new addition to a rather dated but still very popular fun fair on the pier experience more Quadrophenia than metro man a seaside icon.

High contrast, low sun, clear blue dark sky, the magic hour before the warm evening glows.
Take a stroll grab a snap, Inverted stomachs before supper
What the hell, it’s summer in the city."