Friday, 23 August 2013

#BABeachside - Dine at 100 feet!

Often on my lunch breaks I'll take a walk along the seafront, making the most of being by the sea. However yesterday I wasn't by the sea, I was above it - 100 feet above it!

Yesterday British Airways opened it's six day Bank Holiday event. Situated by Hove Lawns #BABeachside includes a pop-up lounge plus the opportunity to dine in the sky.

Dine in the Sky. Photo credit: Stuart Wilson for BA

When we arrived we were asked to stow our bags before being given a safety briefing, then it was time to take our seats and get strapped in for an experience like no other. Each day the meals will be themed around a different destination - Italy, St. Lucia, Lanzarote, Morocco, St Kitts and Mexico. Coincidentally these are all destinations that you can fly to from Gatwick with BA ;)

Our day was Italy and the food was delicious, although eating while strapped in was a bit of a challenge. Eating something messy like soup or spaghetti would have been difficult but the chicken & mushroom rissotto was much easier to handle.

Dinner is served!

While the food was great, the highlight was of course the spectacular views over the city. Hove Lawns was a good choice as it meant we were more or less in the middle of Brighton & Hove giving us spectacular views whichever way we looked. We could even see the Downs in the distance ahead of us. It was rather surreal to be eating lunch while suspended in the air, with no capsule or casing around you so I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who suffers from vertigo but for anyone else it is a rare treat!

Fantastic views of Brighton...
... & Hove

Away we go...
Perhaps the most surprising part is the fact that BA aren't charging anyone for this experience. Tickets are being given out in a Willy Wonka fashion but instead of bars of chocolate, it's sticks of rock. Over the next few days British Airways Ambassadors will be handing out sticks of rocks across the city. So if you see them, make sure you grab one as each stick gives you access to the Beach Lounge and a lucky few also include a ticket to fly.

Good luck!


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