Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A very happy visitor

One of our main marketing activities is PR and working with journalists who are writing pieces about the city, either providing them with information and images or helping them plan a visit and ensuring they make the most of their time here.

We don't always get a chance to meet up with the journalists and so we're usually not sure what sort of piece they are going to write until it is actually published. However we do sometimes host group press trips where we do spend a lot of time with the journalists and therefore can usually (not always!) gauge their reaction to Brighton & Hove.

Earlier this month we hosted an international group (German, Swiss & Austrian), the itinerary for the weekend was fabulous - I can get away with saying this as m'colleague Ruth did all the hard work of organising it! I won't give you the full programme but any weekend that includes cocktails at the Hilton, afternoon tea at Metrodeco, the Biba & Beyond exhibition and a Blitz themed supper club at the Proud Cabaret can't be bad!

Anyway the city certainly worked its magic on one our lovely Swiss journalist Helena. After her stay she sent us a lovely thank you note, which was virtually a love letter to Brighton. In it she says: "I have never visited such an outstanding, charming and great place as Brighton!" and she has even told her family that if they ever leave Switzerland they are moving to Brighton. When her Mum complained about the weather, Helena's reply was "But there is much more sun in the hearts of people there.

However I think my favourite part of Helena's note was the fact that while previously she had just been a coffee drinker, she was so inspired by Metrodeco that she recreated her own afternoon tea at home...

Very impressive! As you can imagine we were thrilled to hear Helena had such a great time and we look forward to seeing her article as I'm sure her enthusiasm will encourage more visitors to the city :)


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