Thursday, 4 October 2012

September's LoveBrighton Flickr Winner

My, how quickly time flies, and how chilly it’s getting brrrr. We’ve announced the winner of LoveBrighton’s Flickr winner for September’s competition, for which the theme was ‘Love Eco, LoveBrighton’. This was to celebrate the launch of our new Green Guide (see the post below), and we loved the colour of this photo (a tad green :)) but also the dramatic skies above the sea. It reminded us of the powerful force of nature and how Brighton is so closely defined by the sea and ever-changing coast. It’s also a stark reminder of the impact our own lives have on our local landscapes, and those around the world.

Russ has won a £30 voucher to spend at the yummy Brighton Temptation café in the North Laine.

October’s theme is Love Laughing, LoveBrighton, and links with the hilarious Brighton Comedy Festival taking place until 20 October. Check out all the acts taking place throughout the city, and the new Squawker Award, a competition for new acts, with the winner decided during the festival.

Here's what Russ had to say about his fabulous photo:

"I often walk along Brighton sea front looking for photo opportunities. I'm mostly into street photography and capturing life as it happens, but on this occasion I went right down to where the sea meets the pebbles and there weren't many people around. I love trying to capture motion because it can add a sense of power that is vacant from many images. The sea was quite rough and there were waves rolling in steadily. I could watch them all day.

I had my beloved Fujifilm X100 with me, and as I walked along between the piers I came to a part of the beach where the pebbles seemed to dip down slightly. This caused the waves to curve in towards each rather than dispersing away. The curve you can see in the front of the photo is what I'm referring to, it's not due to a wide angle lens. It was also approaching golden hour, which helped produce good light.

I got home and loved how sharp the image had come out. The X100 captured some lovely detail in the crest of the wave but I wasn't satisfied with it overall. I tried black & white, but I wanted colour. I started playing around with split toning and ended up using blue and green to give the image a more powerful tone, and then added some clarity and contrast to give it extra punch. I'm aware the colour is not realistic, but it seemed to transform the photo into something quite special.

I always name my photos, usually with a single word. As I looked at this one it made me think of what it might be like to be seasick, and so, the name 'Chunder' was born. You might want to google it if you're not sure what it means!

I'm really pleased to have won September's competition. Thank you for supporting my work."

'Till next time,

Siobhan :)

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