Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The return of Sophie in the City

I know it has been a while since I have has just been so busy!!

So what have I been doing all this time? I have learnt Kurt Guiger has had a good sale on!? Topshop hasn’t been so good, The Lanes have too much choice and maybe I need to see someone about my shopping issues? No really...

I have been to see Holiday on Ice at the Brighton Centre, this was the Production of Energia, it was an exciting show where lifts, spins and only one stumble was included. The costumes were great, especially the Fish/Mermaid costumes that had detachable tails. It was a perfect way to become lost in another world for a few hours, this world being one I was engrossed within as it had dancing zebras in it!

Since moving down here, I have noticed there is a great selection of Oriental inspired restaurants, this time I really wanted to try Moshi Moshi, the shape of the building, never mind its menu, has always intrigued me even when I use to come to visit Brighton in the summers years ago. I was not disappointed; there was a great choice, so much in fact it took us forever to decide. The conveyer belt was full of exciting looking dishes ... it was better than YoSushi! Also while I was there I was told about the Sunday night classes that teach you how to make your own sushi, definately something that may appear sometime in ‘Sophie In the City’ sometime soon!

This week I came to the conclusion that this will be a city where I will always if not live constantly be visiting throughout my’s like no-where else! This was established while sitting with my Dad watching the ‘Swinging Ninjas’ who are live from 9pm ever Wednesday night at the Mesmerist, a bar which describes itself as being where “Conventionality stays at the door’ as well as an ‘absinthe inspired wonderland of the weird”. Literally it’s the best place I have found that just IS Brighton, I don’t know if it’s the lit up chicken head on the suit of armor or the collection of people dancing like they were in the 1950’s to someone that was inside a trumpet, acting as if everyone did it… Another lesson learnt - live in Brighton!

I hope you all watched Heston’s Fishy Feast on Friday which I made a…well cringe worthy appearance for not only the words that came out of my mouth but by the fact I had my hand within the head of a dead fish. Little did people know this was just the start of the mortification as I had actually asked him, one of the most famous chef’s what he did as his day job!

Lets just hope that I keep away from the cameras that are Filming the Skins series 5 launch party that is being held in Horatios and the glitter ball bar of Brighton Pier on Friday the 28th of this month, with live performers such as Beardyman, Morning Parade, Doorly and Jigsaw. I will but let’s try and hope I don’t do anything embarrassing this time!!

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