Thursday, 27 January 2011

Brighton Rock premiere

Well as you can imagine the release of the new film version of Brighton Rock has been keeping us busy here at VisitBrighton, from handling media enquiries to the creation of a dedicated seciton of the website.

Yesterday this activiy came to a head as we hosted a press trip which started with a Brighton Rock walking tour. Julian Clapp who runs Brighton City Walks guided us around Brighton pointing out key locations from the book and the original version of the film. Julian is clearly a big fan of the story and while he includes a lot of interesting facts he keeps it all entertaining and does not try to overload you with too much information. On the tour he pointed out that what is now a casino on Grand Junction Road used to be the Savoy Cinema which was metnioned in the book and hosted the premiere of the Boulting Brothers movie in 1948. Which neatly leads me on to the second portion of the press trip...

I was fortunate enough to attend the European premiere of Rowan Joffe's Brighton Rock last night at the Duke of York's Picturehouse. I wasn't sure how glamourous the other attendess were going to be so I thought that as the new film has been set in the 60s I'd go with that theme:

Once we arrived I was very impressed to see that there was indeed a red carpet as well as a couple of Vespas to set the mood. The red carpet was put to good use as the director Rowan Joffe plus some of the stars of the film including Sam Rily, Andrea Riseborough and the legendary John Hurt all walked across it.

While I have a few skills to my name sadly photogrpahy is not one of them, so while I will share with you some of my photos from last night be prepared to be underwhelmed!

Here is the red carpet and if you look very carefully you can see John Hurt's head but just in case you are struggling to see him he is wearing a leather jacket and talking to the man wearing the light colour jacket and backpack.

Brighton Rock cupcakes.

And finally the stars of the film: Sam Riley, Andrea Risseborough and John Hurt. My one chance to get this picture and for some reason my camera adds a red blur! I keep trying to convince myself it's so bad it's good but it's not really working...


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