Monday, 13 December 2010

Comedy, cocktails, coffee and a celebrity chef

For a change this week my life has been quite busy…involving lots and lots of shopping, a Christmas night out in Alfresco, laughing until I cried watching Ross Noble at The Dome, having drinks with friends, discovering another ‘only in Brighton’ coffee shop, testing cocktails in a trendy hotel, visiting the Brighton Ballroom in Kemp Town and… ahh yes I forgot to add…having lunch with Heston Blumenthal… didn’t even have a chance to watch the final of X Factor!!

Tuesday night was the VisitBighton Christmas night out…starting at Hove Kitchen on Western Road which is acclaimed as the place for ‘eclectic dining in the hub of Hove’. It was what I could imagine as somewhere perfect for a Sunday roast. After loosing the Big Brighton pub quiz we moved onto Alfresco where we enjoyed our Christmas inspired dinner after exchanging secret Santa gifts.

Then on Wednesday night, after eating in Pho and testing the cocktails in merkaba at myhotel we headed to the Brighton Dome to see Ross Noble. I was constantly checking we were on time as I was nervous from watching his past stand ups where all late comers were ridiculed by Ross throughout the show… if we had to speak he would recognize our accent… and being probably two out of only three Geordies in there it would have been mortifying being part of the show!

I had the tickets to the Ross Noble 2010 'Nonsensory Overload' tour for what seems forever!! He honestly was one of the best comedians I have ever seen… he just talked absolute nonsense and jumped from one point to another then another and another within minutes of each other which left us hooked, confused and in fits of laughter!!

My coffee shop of the week is the Marwood coffee shop which is hidden away in a corner of Ship Street; it was a discovery through a meeting but I have already been back. I loved it as soon as I walked through the door, the quirky manikin hand handle while closing the door just made it! It had a brilliant vibrant, arty atmosphere… it was just what I would describe as ‘typical Brighton’ the tables were made from old doors, a washing line hung throughout and the walls were adorned with an odd collection of photographs from around the city. My favourite of all of course had to be the discovery of the owl that lived in the fridge just on the shelf by the sparkling water! Oh how I love Brighton!!

I have always believed Sundays were made for long sleeps, this week however was an exception, one I didn’t really mind waking up early for…I acted as PA (even having my own radio!) when Heston Blumenthal was filming on Brighton Pier for a new program that will be shown as part of channel 4’s Fish season. They wanted a destination that captured the iconic seaside… Brighton Pier, how perfect! Filming was done throughout the day all along the Pier, a fish and chip van was also set up on the forecourt where he made punters experiment and taste a new sustainable species of fish - Atlantic Wolffish - that was found when in Iceland for the programme. I was made to try this monstrous fish’s cheek, tell him my verdict (it was actually really delicious!) then hold it through its head while SJ gave it a kiss…all in the name of TV (aired in January).

After dealing with the fish brains that I had left on my hands…lots of anti bacterial hand wash, we all went for lunch, yes me and my new ‘bestie’, one of the most famous chefs in the country sitting in Palm Court on Brighton Pier enjoying fish and chips, just chatting!!

After the excitement of the day when we had gotten over being excited about being on TV we went to the Brighton Ballroom to see the ‘award winning’ Knock2bag comedy night. I really loved the Ballroom and could imagine it would be a brilliant place to see a gig but didn’t really get the comedians that were on, it was a lovely night but I spent most of it confused about what was going on, not understanding Paul Foot’s jokes!

So all in all this was quite a busy week, definitely in serious need of a nap and catch up of the X Factor final!

Until next time…
Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas

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J.J. said...

Wow this sounds amazing!! Every time I ready the blog I cant wait to visit Brighton!
We saw you on Fishy Feasts it was Fab, the fist was pretty scary!
Loving your blog x