Sunday, 17 January 2010

West Pier Time Lapse

West Pier Time Lapse, originally uploaded by misschippy.

Well i got a lovely, sturdy new tripod today to replace my old one which used to rather like swaying like a sunflower in the slightest of breeze..

So I got myself down to the West Pier in a bid to create my first time lapse, something i've wanted to do for ages.

And here it is...

Whilst it might not stop the world whilst everyone takes a look - it did work! So I reckon I'm going to do some more in a bid to improve my old time lapsing skills - light caught me out a bit on this one and got exposure wee bit awry, although actually quite like the effect.

If you'd like to join me on my Brighton time lapse journey, i'll be posting more here...

And if like the artier perspective on Brighton you might want to check out our Brighton Lomo photos too.



Sue Mantell said...

Hey I really like that!

Roger (Dr Roger Prentice) said...

Spooky and atmospheric - nice one!