Thursday, 7 January 2010

100 years of the Duke of York's

I know it's January and therefore it is meant to be cold but I am fed up with all this snow and ice, I mean it's just getting silly now.

Which is why I've decided to write about a lovely cosy event that will hopefully help to warm us all up. 'How can an event be cosy?' I hear you ask (actually that's a fib I can't hear you at all but I think you know what I mean!) Well anything to do with the Duke of York's Picturehouse makes me feel cosy as I imagine myself curled up on one of their comfy seats or even one of the sofas on the balcony.

Anyway this year is the Duke of York's 100th anniversary as the picturehouse first opened its doors on 22 September 1910. So you can expect lots of exciting events throughout the year and to mark the start of this special year there will be a rare screening of the Brighton set film Penny points to Paradise on Sunday 17th January at 1.30pm.

I'll be honest with you here and admit that I have never actually heard of this film which is surprising given that it is based in Brighton and stars The Goons ie Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe. The basic outline for the film is that Harry Secombe wins some money on the pools but decides he still wants to holiday with his friend Spike Milligan at their usual seaside B&B but he brings his winnings with him in his suitcase. At the B&B there are a variety of nefarious characters who are after his money.

Although I don't think the plot really matters all you need to know is that the film features The Goons being silly in Brighton :) Which sounds like a great way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon.


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