Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Brighton White Air 2009

I was thinking, oh poo, summer's almost over and everyone seems to still be waiting for it to arrive. So I though, ok, what's coming in Brighton that looks good and will get me in the spirit for Autumn.

And the first thing that came to me was White Air.

An extreme sports and music festival full of adrenaline rushes, spectacular extreme sports, competitions, displays and a great music line-up, White Air is descending upon Brighton for 3 days of breathtaking action from 18-20th September. It's in its first year in Brighton and it looks pretty unique - as you'd expect from Brighton really.

Premier Extreme Sports Festival

From Free Sports Ramps for Skaters, Boarders and Bikers to all the urban sports, you can also expect Europe’s top Skate Vert comp, as well as the Red Arrows and Falcons Parachute display teams. Oh and if you're feeling brave, Bungee on the Beach.

Watch the world’s best extreme athletes

A chance to watch some of the world’s best extreme athletes or test your own skills and try a completely new sport, you can find out more about the full lineup on our White Air page.

Get your tickets from Brighton Visitor Information Centre & get a FREE copy of the Book Thief

Tickets are available from the Brighton Visitor Information Centre and everyone that buys a ticket there before Monday 14th September will receive a FREE copy of the Brighton City Reads book, The Book Thief.

So why not pop in a grab a couple today. You could be doing a San Francisco Flip or coconut wheelie in no time :)



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