Monday, 21 September 2009

Brighton Early Music Festival Golden Tickets

Keep your eyes open when you’re out and about in Brighton & Hove over the next few days!

Brighton Early Music Festival is planting 10 ticket vouchers around town in random locations. The vouchers might be left in cafes, at bus stops, on the beach or anywhere used by the public.

Free tickets to the Festival Preview

If you are lucky enough to find one, then you will be able to claim two free tickets to the festival’s Special “Sneak Preview” concert on Sunday, 27th September at St George’s Church, Kemptow.

Special vouchers will have a special ID number, which you can check with the Festival to ensure its validity. Then you simply turn up on the door of the concert with your voucher and claim your two free tickets!

Winners will also get given a further voucher to leave in a public place for another member of the public to pick up – and so the chain goes on throughout the festival until it ends on 8th November...

More about Brighton Early Music Festival

Brighton Early Music Festival takes place in late October/ early November every year and is a celebration of all things early music.

As well as celebrating the anniversaries of Purcell, Handel and Haydn this year, orient-inspired Brighton forms the perfect setting for a fabulous fusion of music and dance from East to West. Highlights include Joglaresa with music from 13th century Spain and the renowned Thumri vocalist Purnima Chaudhuri.


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