Friday, 17 July 2009

Not something you see everyday...

If next week you decide to take a stroll through the Pavilion Gardens either on your lunch break or on the way to the museum or the Pavilion itself then you'll be in for a little surprise. No the elephants aren't coming back but there will be a fire engine...

The fire engine saw active service, based at Hove Fire Station, from 1929 right through World War II. Later it moved to Peterborough and London, and was finally bought by Hove Borough Council in 1995, and lived out its retirement back at Hove Fire Station. It is now being lent to Amberley Working Museum but before it goes we are being given the chance to wish the machine a happy 80th birthday.

So start baking your birthday cakes and I'll see you down there betweem 11 - 3.30pm on Wednesday 22nd July


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