Tuesday, 21 July 2009

How many lists will Brighton appear on this week?

Is it just me or have there been an awful lot of those Top 10 lists of this, that and the other around at the moment? Mind you I'm not complaining as most of them seem to feature Brighton ;)

Recently we have been listed in two different lists of the Top 50 beaches in the UK. According to The Times Brighton is the 12th best beach but The Independent places us at number 8. And we were pretty chuffed with these results until Skyscanner announced their Top 10 beaches in the world with Brighton in at number 3 which was the only UK destination to be listed, hooray!

Although as we are always keen to point out to journalists and visitors Brighton is not just about the beach, we were pleased to see that this weekend The Times produced another set of lists, and this time Orb360 were included in the 100 great days out ideas for the South and our beloved Royal Pavilion was listed at number 3 for the top 10 Great Houses to visit.

So it seems if you want a poll topping trip to Brighton then you will have to spend some time on the beach, go orbing and visit the Royal Pavilion:


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