Monday, 13 July 2009

Coastal Blogger

People often say to me that they envy me because of my job as I'm not always stuck in the office, I get to find out about all the events happening in Brighton and sometimes get to go to bar openings and the like. And those people are right I do have a good job, but having said that I wouldn't have minded getting the job of being the Coastal Blogger either.

For the next month Scott Ramsey will be making his way around the coast of Britain, trying out all the main tourist attractions as well as looking out for some hidden gems. Along the way he'll get to stay in a variety of hotels and guesthouses as well as sampling all sorts of restaurants. He'll then write about his discoveries on his blog the Edge of Britain. Mind you it will be a bit of a culture shock for Scott as apparently he has never been outside of London!

Well as you may have already guessed Scott started his journey here in Brighton so of course I have to say that sadly his trip will be downhill from now on ;) No I'm sure he'll have a great time on his travels and it'll be interesting to follow his progress. If you want to see what Scott gets up to then you can also follow his blog through the VisitBritian website and he will be including photos and video clips throughout the journey.

Finally to cheer up your Monday here's a lovely shot of Brighton beach:


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