Wednesday, 24 June 2009

VisitBrighton's special guest

Today we have a visitor in the office who has kindly volunteered (or rather has had her arm twisted) to help out with today's blog post. Lauren is with the VisitBrighton team this week in order to gain some work experience. So far she has had the excitement of joining the manager's on an away day from the office in the glamour hotspot of Portslade.

On Monday Lauren joined the frontline staff of the Visitor Information Centre and got a taste of the weird and wonderful people who drop by. There was plenty of leaflet stacking and giving people directions to The Lanes and the toilets, all very important stuff! Today she has joined us in the Marketing team where apart from getting her to help out with the blog we will also be getting her to put together an itineray for us, at this rate I'll be able to take the rest of the week off :)

John was very excited to discover that Lauren is a fellow Hovite (is that the right term?) so I'll hand over to Lauren to give you her top tips of things to do in Hove:
  • Visit one of the parks including Hove Park with a mini railway track and St Ann's Well Gardens with a scented garden.
  • Hove Lagoon has lots of watersports activities and a skate park as well as a new vegan cafe owned by Heather Mills
  • Shops and cafes along George Street for those who need a spot of retail therapy.
  • Hove Museum & Art Gallery charts the pivotal role Hove played in the birth of cinema as well as having a Wizard toy's attic to keep the kids amused.
Tomorrow Lauren will leave us to join the conference team which couldn't possibly be as exciting as Marketing so it's downhill from here I'm afriad :)

Charlotte and Lauren


Adventure Connections said...

Good luck Lauren with your future career, and well done for getting stuck in rather than going down the beach for your summer break!

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