Monday, 1 June 2009

Enjoy every minute

You may have seen that Enjoy England has launched a new campaign encouraging us all to Enjoy every minute. The basic concept behind it is that you don't need to go abroad to feel like you are going on holiday, in fact you can even turn your lunch break into a mini holiday.

I think it's a great idea as people so often take where they live for granted, having a look on the site I also really liked Helena Bonham-Carter's suggestion that you should book accommodation in your hometown and do all the 'touristy' things you don't normally get to do.

So we've had a bit of a brain storming session to come up with ideas of things to see and do in Brighton & Hove. The suggestions are either based on how much time you have - lunch break, evening, day, weekend, week or how much you want to spend - £0, £5, £50, £500, £1,000.

In fact I was so inspired by the campaign (and the weather) that I decided to take a walk along the beachfront from Brighton Pier to the Peace Statue during my lunch break today. Although I did end up feeling envious of all the people sat having a drink in the sunshine but it was still good and did indeed feel like I was on holiday.

Other ideas of things to do on your lunch break include:
What do you do on your lunch break? Have you got any more unusual suggestions? Don't forget it's not just lunch breaks so do you have any other 'Enjoy every minute' suggestions? Let us know what you think either by leaving a comment here, tweeting us or you can e-mail

Thank you, Charlotte

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