Monday, 7 July 2008

Relax in Brighton

Well what a dreary, grey Monday it is! Not bad weather for Autumn but isn't it still meant to be summer? If the weather is making you feel a bit fed up then I think I have the perfect solution....

Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to the launch party for Champneys who have just opened up on East Street in the Brighton Lanes. The property is somewhat tardis like as apart from the shop floor, there is another floor downstairs and one upstairs each of which have private rooms for a full range of treatments. Although what tempted me most was the idea of having a pedicure whilst sitting on a lovely big chair which just happened to have a remote control for controlling the thingies in the back of it (not too technical for you I hope!) to massage your neck and back, as well as being able to recline the chair.

I was also pleasantly surprised in the shop as I was expecting astronomical prices but all the products were very reasonably priced, well as long as you stuck to Champneys own products rather than the supposedly designer names which I had not heard off as those were less affordable. And at the moment it's even better value as to celebrate opening they have 20% off products and 50% off treatments until the end of the month, so go and spoil yourself, you can even get treatments done in your lunch break!


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