Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Brighton's fantastic...

...according to Sacred Heart School in Battersea.

Many of the kids in class 2p had never seen the sea before and, following their trip to Brighton in June, they wrote to VisitBrighton to tell us what a wonderful time they had.

Children always tell it like it is and the comments were really heartwarming, so here are a selection... Enjoy!

'We had a FANTASTIC time in Brighton. It was beautiful. We had competitions and went paddling.'

'We went to paddle and splash ourselves. We have delicious ice cream. We had a great day!'
From Kristal

'We had a blast. It was fun, but the water was ffffreezing...'

'The sea was blue, sparkling and shiny. I had a really good time at Brighton. I will tell everyone to go there.'

'We had a terrific time in Brighton. We took some shells and stones home.'
From Renee

'We walked along the high street singing Summer Holiday and saw the deep blue sea.'

'Sparkling, glittering, fantastic, exhausting, beautiful.'

'When we went to paddle my friend got all wet. I am so happy I went to the beach.'

'The ice cream was really nice, better than my Mum's. But you should take the rocks out so people could have more sand and make bigger sand castles.'

'When we got off the train we all had to go to the toilet. When we got out from the toilet doors, Fifi said she could see the sea. I said 'where Fifi?', she said 'straight ahead of you', but I still couldn't see it. We went closer and closer until we got to the beach.'

'We had a fantastic day in brilliant Brighton...'

I wonder if any of class 2p would like a job in our marketing department?

Thanks to Mrs Metcalf and Mrs Clarke and all the children in 2p at Sacred Heart for writing to us and sharing their memories of their day in Brighton. Hope you get to come back soon.

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