Thursday, 6 December 2007

Let it rain...

Oh for goodness sake, stop raining!

I was becoming a wee bit irritated about the bloomin persistent drizzle at lunchtime and for some bizarre reason did a Google search on the word 'rain'. Please don't ask why. I don't know why! And guess what? According to the Free Dictionary 'rain' means to:

  • 'give abundantly' - as in 'to rain gifts upon'
  • 'a heavy or abundant fall' - as in ' a rain of fluffy cottonwood seeds'
  • 'to mizzle or drizzle' - as in 'when it mizzles in Summer, hiking can be pleasant'

There was even an ad for a kagool that promised to make me 'Look gorgous' in all its rain related gloriousness.' It was guaranteed so it must be true and anyway, i'm a sucker for ads that promise to make me look GORGEOUS!

So, now I quite like the rain - cause it makes me think of fluffy cottonwood seeds and looking gorgeous. Or maybe its just because I live in Brighton and people just refuse to be put off by a bit of mizzle...we're so fab as a city we apparently buck the trends and maintain our appeal through rain and shine...

So I suggest you embrace the mizzle, visualise some 'fluffy cottonwood seeds raining down', get yourself a Kagool that makes you look gorgeous and come and to Brighton. By which time it will probably have stopped raining …


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