Friday, 14 December 2007

Is Sue still wearing her Christmas cracker hat...?

It is quite quiet in our office today as last night was our Christmas night out, thankfully we all do flexi time here so some didn't make it in at all today, others of us came in just for the afternoon once we were over the worst part of the hangover and miraculously some people have managed to do a full working day!

Before I say anything else I have to say congratulations to Sue who kept her party hat on all evening and I suspect she may even still be wearing it, so well done Sue! I was less successful as mine fell off during the meal and Linda turned it into a lovely flower, which she attached to a hair clip but for some reason that wouldn't stay in my hair either and unfortunately I lost it, sorry Linda.

Anyway we started the evening with drinks after work and then went to the House restaurant for dinner (and some more wine of course!). It's an ideal place to go for groups as they have a series of dining rooms so you get a room to yourself. Apart from celebrating the festive season we were also saying goodbye and good luck to Julia who is now on maternity leave and we also got to meet Liz who will be covering for Julia whiles she's away.

Some of the sensible ones left after the meal but a few of us decided we needed some more wine and so went over to Ha Ha's. While we were sat down we were all being terribly witty conversationalists, however when we got up to leave we were all a bit wobbly on our feet especially Sarah who ended up in the bushes, in true comedy fashion complete with flailing arms, oh and thank you to the chap who helped her back onto her feet again!

However we did not take this as a sign that it was time to go home, on the contrary it was actually time to go to Legends, that was if I could remember where it was! We didn't make it in to Legends in the end, well Sarah got in to their revolving door but no further, so after some giggling and chatting we eventually stumbled into taxis and headed home. Although my memory of the latter part of the evening is a little hazy but perhaps if my colleagues would like to add to this post then between us we can fill in all the gaps!



VisitBrighton: said...

Ahhh soo true, but you forgot to mention when we all met up at the pub for pre dinner drinks Linda got leered at and we found out Sue's true profession - lapdancer in Soho, thanks to her being spotted by one of her fans heeee hee

Anonymous said...

Some of us are still caught in that revolving door ar Legends!! ... and where is Richard?

Luzia said...

I think some of us are still going round those revoling doors at Legends ... and it is not me.
Legends, by the way, is very much frequented by our esteemed hoteliers, and it was nice for them to see us all in such high spririts. Maybe next year we should hold our Xmas drinky-poohs somewhere out fo the country...