Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A Day in the Life

When we first started this blog one of the ideas we had was that we should all take it in turns to write a day in the life style piece so that people can find out what we actually do, so here goes – A day in the life of a Marketing Officer….

So far this morning I have been checking my e-mails and having a quick look at the local news in case there is anything we need to be aware of, for example if a restaurant has closed down or if there is a new development in the pipeline. My next job will be to make up three press packs as we have some journalists coming to stay in Brighton tonight. They are from three large daily Chinese newspapers and they will be writing about funky hotels, shops and restaurants in the city. So later this morning I will walk up to the Alvia hotel to drop off the packs and to have a look at a couple of the rooms as it is one of the few hotels I have not seen yet but I trust my colleagues who say that it is a lovely place to stay. I won’t actually be meeting up with the journalists this time as they do not have much time here, however usually I would join them at some point be it for coffee, a meal or to take them round a few places. This will probably be the last journalist we have coming to stay this year, although we might just squeeze one more in to write about Burning the Clocks next week.

I am typically in and out of the office either visiting new partners or meeting journalists. However this week I will be in the office most of the time which gives me a chance to catch up on some admin work. This will include writing up reports on our monthly e-mail newsletters (which you can all sign up for from the homepage!) and reviewing our pay per click activity (sponsored links on Google etc). However the main thing I need to do this week is a report reviewing our online activity and what we should do in the future including pay per click, affiliate marketing and social media – by the way if any of you are on Facebook or MySpace please add VisitBrighton as a friend, thanks :) I also have a couple of interesting projects I'm working on including our next podcast due out in January and I can exclusively reveal to you that it will be all about a Romantic break in the city. I'm also working on making a CD-Rom with information about Brighton including fact sheets, logos and a video which will go out to journalists instead of the paper packs we give out at the moment.

Ok so clearly I won’t be doing all that today, however I wanted to give you a bit of a flavour of what I'll be doing this week. Feel free to ask me any questions about what I'm doing and I'll maybe do this again in the New Year when I'll be out and about more with journalists again as that might be more exciting! Oh but before I go I might as well make you envious and let you know what I'm doing this evening. As it is the Christmas season we have two drinks events to go to tonight. First up will be champagne and nibbles at English's followed by a cocktail night at the new Jury's Inn, so I'm sure one of us will be back tomorrow to tell you all about it, although it probably won't be until the afternoon….


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VisitBrighton: said...

I've just realised that I forgot to tell you about our night out at Englishs and Jurys Inn.

Englishs is ideal for a special treat as there is always an air of elegance about the place, the champagne on arrival certainly helped and the food was delicious especially the haddock fish cakes.

Then we went on to Jurys Inn and luckily we had a tour of the hotel before we started mixing the cocktails! The rooms have all you need for a comfortable night's stay at very reasonable prices and right by the station so check them out the next time you are popping down to Brighton. Although I'm afriad we were only tending bar as a one off so you won't get to try Richard's Blue Surprise!