Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Wednesday Wave

Well I thought it was time I stepped back into the fray and write another post, however as I have not attended any events lately I thought I would give you a little insight into life in the VisitBrighton office, and more specifically the bizarre daily routine of the Marketing team - in other words me and Nick :)

Each morning we wave at each other, not your simple wave for us though, oh no, each day has a different wave. Monday we just stick our hand out, quite low down and keep it static as it is a melancholy day, the weekend is over and the working week stretches out ahead of us. Tuesday is in the same position however we introduce a little wave. Wednesday is probably my favourite as we get a bit creative mid-week, and replicate a sort of sideways S shape with our arm.

Hmmm I have spotted a flaw in this post in that it is very difficult to describe an action however to quote a famous Icelander (if not the only famous Icelander) "I've started so I'll finish"

On Thursday the arm is raised up next to our heads but is static once again, I'm not sure why and finally on Friday there is much excitement so both arms go up in the air and wave enthusiastically, hooray :D

So there you have it a brief snapshot into our office. I can imagine that if you have got this far you will be wanting to ask me one question - why? Well to be honest I do not know, I can't remember how it started but I am going to place the blame on Jessica who worked with us over the summer as she is not here to defend herself and anyway we like to blame Americans for things :)

So now it's your turn do you have any bizarre daily rituals?


Update: Following on from Nick's comment I have dutifully done a couple of drawings to try and demonstrate the waves, so now you can join in and brighten (glad I resisted the urge to be terribly punny and type Brighton!) up your working week as well!


T. Redfield said...

It is hardly unusual, but I must follow a very strict routine every morning, in regards to my late wife's exotic animals.

I must make sure all the reptiles are fed (those that need to be, snakes can go for a while you know!), and the temperatures on their cages are fine.

The fish also have to be temperature regulated, or they'll die. They're also fed just the right amount.

It takes about an hour to make sure everything is working properly! A very big thanks to Repco in brighton, for all my needs!

The city does have everything!

VisitBrighton: said...

not another routine but more a suggestion on explaining the waves. Perhaps you could do some simple diagrams using word art and then scan them in. Would help get the wave rolling?


VisitBrighton: said...

thanks. Feel much better now.

Sub said...

I liked this post, especially the diagram of how not to act in Kemp Town on a saturday night.