Thursday, 8 November 2007

Queens at the Dukes

Well there was more than one queen at the duke of yorks screening of Elizabeth:The Golden Age this weekend, fortunately those in the audience did not opt for the red wig and oversized collars otherwise no one would have been able to see the screen. If you ask me that Queen Lizzie was wholly inconsiderate in her choice of head gear, her poor old courtiers must have been mightily peeved at not being able to see beyond her enormous beehive.

A large glass of wine always helps with a dose of costume drama, and Charlotte particularly enjoyed her chocolate fudge cake, the beauty of this, the oldest purpose built cinema in the UK, is that you can take your alcoholic refreshments into the auditorium, making the experience even more enjoyable.

The film rather plodded in comparison to La Blanchettes first film of the same subject; the whole of the famous Armada speech was ditched in favour of a bland rant that had none of the substance of the original, why change something that dosn't need fixing??!! Clive Owen was Clive Owen (not allowed to put anything bad about him cos the girls in ths office threatened me with toe nail pulling if I did, they are so bossy!!)

If you didn't know anything about Elizabeth 1 its a great film but if you have any education at all you will realise its a load of old smelly cod pieces


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