Friday, 16 November 2007

VisitBrighton win at Brighton Web Awards

Not that we want to blow our enormous great hooters or anything you understand, but it seems to be the month of awards at VisitBrighton.

Ever since the VIC won their lovely Excellence Award a couple of weeks ago, we've all been a slightly off green colour in the marketing team, which, of course, we could put down to jealously, but prefer to laugh off as a result of too many E numbers over the years.

So, you can imagine our excitment when we won the Searchability Award at the Brighton Web Awards last night. A specialist award judged by the lovely peeps at Leapfrogg Internet Marketing (we didn't even have to ply them with cream cakes), the award was in recognition of how well optimised is towards the search engines. Based on criteria such as spiderability by search engines, on and off page optimisation, social reputation and social media its really great news to know that we're on the right track search engine optimisation wise. I mean, if we're totally honest, we're all a bit obsessed about SEO here - almost to the point of tragedy really. I once threatened to do a Google screen print, blow it up to gargantuan size and frame it when we reached number 1 for 'Brighton hotels'...

I would put a spangly photo up but we let Charlotte loose with the camera again and I came out looking like I was doing a Tango with Rosie from Leapfrogg. Which I wasn't...


You can find out more about the web awards here.

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