Thursday, 4 December 2014

VisitBrighton Greeters and City Champions

At VisitBrighton we are fortunate enough to have a fantastic group of volunteers working with us either as Greeters or as City Champions.

Any visitor to the city can book a Greet, it's a free service and a great way to get under the skin of the city. Greets typically last one and a half to two hours and whether you think you know Brighton or not you are bound to discover something new. I've been on a couple and even though I grew up here and now work for VisitBrighton I still learnt a lot!

The City Champions are here to welcome visitors as they arrive and answer any on-the-spot questions. Most weekends City Champions will be at Brighton Station and/or Pavilion Gardens handing out maps and Rough Guides (all free!) and ready to answer any questions. They are easy to spot in their resplendent blue and orange uniforms.

I have always really admired anyone who works voluntarily and it just shows how much these people love their city, the fact that they give up their free-time to ensure our visitors receive a friendly welcome and get a chance to see all the city has to offer.

So as a thank you for all their hard work our lovely visitor services manager Suzanne, arranged a reception in the Mayor's Parlour where the volunteers got to meet the Mayor as well as being given an exclusive tour of the Council Chambers. At the event Sue announced that this year there have been over 175 Greets and the City Champions have welcomed over 9,000 people! So again a big thank you to all our volunteers from everyone at VisitBrighton.

Photo credit: Stephen Lawrence / Snap It Now
You can book a Greet at and when you arrive look out for the blue & orange uniforms of the City Champions. If you live here and would like to share your enthusiasm for Brighton & Hove with visitors then why not apply to be a City Champion?


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