Friday, 12 December 2014

#LoveBrightonPTP - Pass the Parcel competition

This year we decided that we really ought to get into the festive spirit a bit more so on Monday we launched a Christmas competition - don't worry though as there is still plenty of time to get involved!

Each weekday we will post a festive image and we would like our followers and fans to share the image as a sort-of modern day Pass the Parcel. And that is all you have to do! The following day we will then select a winner out of all of the people who have retweeted, regrammed or shared the image using #LoveBrightonPTP. It's that easy.

Here is the list of amazing prizes that are up for grabs:
Of course as we are now on Day 5 of the competition some of the above prizes have already been won (the ones marked with a *) but as you can see there are still lots of great ones in the pot!  
Each weekday at midday we will post a photo on Twitter and Instagram and for a chance to win all you have to do is retweet / regram or share using #LoveBrightonPTP.
Normally you will only have until the end of the day to enter but as it's Friday you have all weekend to take part so once you've done it make sure you get your family & friends to enter too, on the condition they share the prize with you obviously!#
For full competition details go to:

Good luck!


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