Monday, 11 February 2013

Winner of January’s Flickr Competition

Greetings LoveBrightonters!

Is it really the second week of February already? Is the passage of time really all I talk about? Seemingly so. And as time is of the essence, let’s get on with it!

January was a wonderful month for photos of Brighton & Hove. The snow-capped hillsides and blizzard-ridden seafront provided some wonderful snaps of the city in the ice-box. The theme for January’s Flickr competition was Love Architecture, LoveBrighton and there were simply LOADS of great photos of the diverse architecture in the city. From up-close pebbles on Brighton’s infamous bungaroosh houses, to the sleek Deco designs of Embassy Court. The impressive iron-work at Brighton station also got a mention, as did some more humble, but no less iconic, seaside structures…

I am of course referring to the charismatic beach huts along Hove Promenade. We loved the many photos of the coloured front doors in the snow, and also this, the winning photo of January’s competition, rather more bleak but no less beautiful shot taken by Finn Hopson:

We loved how the colours of the sky and the snow-dusted Hove Lawns all shared the same turquoise hue, which is also the colour of Victorian Brighton & Hove as can be seen along the iron railings of the seafront.

Finn Hopson has won an annual Single Membership (plus guest) to the Pavilion & Museums Foundation, which gives free entry to the Royal Pavilion and other paying exhibitions, as well as special invites to opening and private talks whilst supporting Brighton’s cultural heritage. Er, jealous?

Here are a few words from Finn about his shot and links to photography:

I grew up in Brighton and I think it snowed about three times when I was a kid. Even though it seems to snow at least once a year now I still can’t believe it’s going to happen. I get childishly excited every time it actually starts to fall, run out of the house with my camera and stay out there until it’s thawed.

The day I took this photo I headed to the beach to be met with a vicious wind blowing most of the snow sideways across the prom, drifting up around the edges but leaving everything else with a fine dusting of white. The visibility was awful and the light was incredibly flat, leaving everything looking muted, bleak and cold. Whilst not a particularly original subject to shoot, these huts on Hove Lawns looked just perfect as the snow started to settle. They are such an iconic part of the seafront and the fact that the sky and the grass were almost exactly that same ‘Brighton’ turquoise colour made the whole image something special. It’s my favourite from the collection I took that day and really sums up what it felt like to be down on the beach that morning.

When its not snowing I divide my time between photography, video editing work and looking after my tiny daughter. I spend as much time as possible shooting landscapes, particularly on the South Downs and along the coast. I currently have an exhibition of photos from the South Downs around Brighton hanging in Redroaster on St. James Street, which runs until 30th March. I also have three photos featured in this years North Laine Photography Brighton calendar.

You can see more of my work and buy prints on my website

For February we’ve decided to ignore all that gooey Valentine’s stuff (well, not completely – check out some top Valentine’s Day ideas on VisitBrighton!) and the theme for this month’s competition is Love Landscapes, LoveBrighton.

You’re a creative bunch, so we’re thinking panoramic views of the cityscape from way up high, views of the South Downs from, well, way down low, or even slightly more bonkers interpretations – the only limit is your imagination so get shootin’.

Ooh, and don’t forget it’s Pancake Day tomorrow so get flippin’!

Love you lovers,

Siobhan x

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