Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pop-ups and Hidden Gems

One of the joys of Brighton is that there are always new things happening, even in the theoretically 'quiet' winter months.

For example, last week a pop-up bar arrived in the city and we thought we'd better pop in and try it out. For a short time only the Buffalo Bourbon Empire has taken over the upstairs of the Wick Inn pub in Hove. Don't worry if you're not a bourbon connoisseur as the bar staff definitely are and were very helpful in advising us what to try. The bar has a prohibition theme, complete with concealed entrance and very dapper bartenders. If you want to try it you've not got long as the bar will only be there until Saturday 9th February, although if a lot of us go down maybe we can persuade them to stay a bit longer...

Photo of drinks at the Buffalo Bourbon Empire

While I like a lot of the traditional pubs in the Lanes, it was nice to try somewhere a bit different, and there is something rather satisfying about finding these hidden bars. So just in case you don't make it down for the Buffalo Bourbon Empire here are a couple of other hidden gems, worth seeking out:

Drinks at Metrodeco
  • Metrodeco - Continuing with the Prohibition theme, the much loved 1930s Parisian tea salon is now open weekend evenings, serving tea cocktails from teapots. To help you really get into the swing of things they also have vintage clothes for you to try, borrow or buy.
  • Alcove - Just off the busy Western Road is this chic French restaurant and cocktail bar, serving up classic drinks with a twist including the Datequiri, Hedgerow Sling and the Caipirinha D'Alcove.
  • Paris Wine Bar - Moving away from the city centre this Hove wine bar, offers a wide selection of wines from around the world.
  • 10 Green Bottles - It is easy to miss this wine bar on Jubilee Street but you'll be glad you found it as the wine list is impressive and the staff really know their stuff! They also serve delicious charcuterie.
  • Northern Lights - Tucked away behind Brighton Town Hall is this Scandinavian gem, the perfect place to escape the chill with a warming beverage with over two dozen flavoured vodkas to choose from.
Let us know what you think and if there are any others you'd add to the list.

Of course while we hope you enjoy trying these drinking establishments we must add that you should enjoy their drinks in moderation. See for more information.


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