Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Brighton & Hove TAKEPART Festival 2012

Fancy having a go at zumba, basketball or tai chi? Then you'll want to get down to Preston Park on Saturday!

Brighton & Hove's annual sports celebration, TAKEPART, is gearing up to welcome thousands of visitors to the Park on Saturday 23 June. The free launch day is designed to give people a chance to try a wide range of activities on one day and in one place. The event will see more than one hundred sporting activities, with everything from Aikido to British Military Fitness, taking place across the park. 

Zumba Challange
One of the key events will be a Zumba challenge, which  kicks off at 3pm combining dance and aerobics in a fast-paced fun exercise. No previous Zumba experience is required & everyone taking part will be guided through the moves. The challenge will raise money for the Argus Appeal, supporting local charities across the city. 

Amazing Zone
The TAKEPART Amazing Zone will also provide taster sport sessions for disabled adults, parents and carers, with activities including wheelchair basketball, tai chi and table tennis. See the map below for all the different zones & activity areas.

The TAKEPART Festival offers a fortnight of activities beginning on Saturday 23 June and ending with Europe's largest FREE beach & watersports Festival, Paddle Round the Pier, on 6-8th July.  The full range of free and low cost TAKEPART activities are featured in the TAKEPART brochure or you can join TAKEPART on Facebook or visit their website.

The TAKEPART Festival is funded by Brighton & Hove City Council and organised by the council’s Sports Development Team

Hope to see you at the Zumba Challenge!


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