Thursday, 28 June 2012

Be afraid... Be very afraid!

It's always exciting when a new attraction opens up and the latest additon to the city is FEAR Brighton, a live action horror maze.

So it was with a certain amount of tripedation that a group of us went to visit yesterday. Naturally we were told that we were not allowed to take any photos once inside the venue as part of the fun (terror!) is not knowing exactly what to expect. Which will make writing about it a little challenging so I'll just tell you briefly how we got on and try to avoid too many spoilers.

The creepy effect starts as soon as you arrive as the maze is housed in a gothic building complete with gargoyles then once inside you are greeted by a rather sinister looking monk - although I feel I should point out that afterwards when he stepped out of character he was actually very friendly and helpful :)

After the monk had given as a couple of warnings it was time for us to enter the maze & I had the dubious pleasure of leading our group but then I guess someone had to! Logically, of course, you know that you are perfectly safe and nothing will actually hurt you and anyone you see is just an actor in make-up; however once inside, when it's dark and you have no idea what or who will meet you as you go round the next bend, logic goes flying out the window and you start squealing & screaming with your heart racing. Although once you get over the initial shock the screams are quickly replaced by giggles.

All credit to the organisers as the whole ambiance was very effective, with creepy decor and even authentic smells and the actors all added to the terror. So if you enjoy getting the adreniline pumping and giving yourself a fright then you will love FEAR.

To find out more go to: you can also follow & like them on Twitter @fearbrighton and


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