Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Talented Brighton

There seem to have been a few Brighton artists hitting the headlines recently. First up was Sarah Pager who has an exhibit at the contemporary art gallery Towner in nearby Eastbourne. Sarah's creation is a chocolate toilet so it is not really surprising to see that it has caught the attention of the media. Although I can't help wondering if the buyer will display it or eat it?

Also in the news this week is Pascal Anson, another Brighton based designer. Pascal's artwork has been used on the first of BA's new aeroplanes to mark London 2012. The winning design is based on a dove as the bird is not only a symbol of peace but was also used in ancient Olympics to send Games reports to outlying villages, in other words the first version of Twitter!

And finally... Also announced this week is the very exciting news that two of the city's top cultural venues will be working together later this year as The Duke of York's Picturehouse will open a three screen cinema upstairs at the Komedia. Sticking with the arty theme of this post, the other news is that local artist Jamie McCartney has been commissioned to sculpt a new pair of legs for the venue in keeping with the iconic pair at the Duke of York's.

Work on the new venue will start in the summer with a view to opening in December 2012. Follow @dukesatkomedia on twitter for all the latest updates.

So all this just goes to prove what talented and creative people we have living & working in Brighton!


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