Monday, 2 April 2012

A Grand night out

One of our mantras here at VisitBrighton (yes that's right, we have mantras) if not the mantra is: "think like a visitor". It was with this thought in mind that I checked-in to The Grand hotel this weekend. I should point out that I don't actually live in Brighton anymore so this was not quite as frivolous as it sounds!

We had booked a standard room and I was slightly concerned that this might actually mean small, however I needn't have worried. Here is a picture of the room, the one on the left is from my phone camera and the one on the right is the promotional image:

While of course The Grand's image is much better quality, this comparison does show that it is also a true depiction of the room ie they haven't used clever angles to make it look bigger then it is. Of course you can also see that the decor is a little dated but I have to admit I thought it added to the olde world charm of the building which includes uneven hallways.

We all have different ways of measuring the quality of a hotel room but I'll give you a quick rundown of what made it for us. First of all as you can see from the photo the bed was huge so that was already a big tick. There was also the obligatory tea & coffee facilities complete with shortbread biscuits so we can tick that off the list as well. Being a luxury hotel I am pleased to confirm that bathrobes were included; as well as a bidet and rather bizarrely we had not one, but two, iron & ironing boards - I didn't think I looked that rumpled at check-in! Also in the bathroom we were very impressed with the Pecksniffs toiletries which smelt gorgeous. Although there was another added luxury which I wouldn't have thought to put on the list - a heated bathroom mirror so that it doesn't get steamed up while you're in the shower. Impressive eh?

As you must have guessed by now I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at The Grand, I won't wax lyrical for too much longer but I have to add that the breakfast was delicious too, I just wish I'd been staying longer so I could have tried more of it.

So thinking 'like a visitor' I would happily recommend a stay at The Grand for anyone looking for a taste of luxury without breaking the bank.


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